Twax Joint – How to Smoke Shatter in a Joint

twax joint

Twax joint – for those times where you want to experience the ritual of passing a joint with a few of your buddies while also enjoying the potency of some hard-hitting weed concentrates.

Although not a completely new innovation in the world of cannabis, Twax Joints are seeing a surge in popularity as dabbing captures a more mainstream audience. If you consider yourself an avid cannabis user, you’ll have realized that there are so many different ways to spice up your cannabis arsenal.

If you’ve been finding yourself struggling to get that euphoric high from your standard joints or blunts, then stay tuned because Twax Joints can propel you to that same upper echelon of bliss that you got from your first encounters with weed. 

What is a Twax Joint?

twax joints

Imagine a pimped out joint wearing a Rolex on each wrist, a few gold rings, and a thick diamond-encrusted Cuban chain. That is what a Twax Joint is. 

Not quite, but it kind of seems that way when compared to your standard joint. 

The Twax Joint, in many ways, draws inspiration from dabbing. It’s essentially a joint with a cannabis concentrate coating inside and/or outside and maybe a little bit of kief sprinkled on top if you’re feeling fancy. 

Since not everyone has access to proper dabbing equipment, it only makes sense to open up the dabbing experience to a wider audience. Since dabbing can be somewhat cumbersome to do in groups, it can usually be considered to be somewhat of a singular experience when compared to smoking doobs, especially when you’re used to the regular puff-puff-pass. 

How to Smoke Shatter in a Joint

If you don’t have access to any dabbing equipment, one of the easiest ways to smoke shatter is to line it in your joints. A shatter joint consists of a regular joint with a thin drizzle of cannabis concentrate (shatter or otherwise) over or within the ground bud. The drizzle should be similar to the drizzle of mustard or ketchup on a hotdog. 

Shatter joints are a great way to go for a trial run with cannabis concentrates and see if you even need that extra kick to your high. The twax joint also provides an easy way to carefully gauge your THC consumption without going too far into the deep waters.

How to Roll a Twax Joint

how to roll a twax joint

The Twax Joint comes in all shapes and sizes, whether you decide to coat the concentrate on the inside or outside is completely up to you. We’ll show you how to do both:

What You Will Need

  • A cannabis concentrate of your choice (shatter, hash oil or crumble works best)
  • Some rolling papers (thicker papers that provide more structure bode well for this type of joint)
  • Any type of cannabis
  • A lighter
  • A small oil brush (optional)

Rolling With an Exterior Concentrate Coating

This method is a bit more glamorous and can really showcase the craftsmanship of a great roller.

  1. Using about half a gram of fresh bud, start grinding up your weed and roll a joint as you typically would.
  2. Once you’ve properly shaped your joint, seal it with some moisture on the glue strip.
  3. If you have a more liquid consistency in your concentrate, we recommend using a brushing tool such as an oil brush, if not, your fingers work fine as well. 

Paint a thin layer of coating around the outside of the joint, ensuring the body of the joint is equally covered. If you’re dealing with a solid form of concentrate, roll it into a tube that resembles a cast for your joint. 

You’ll want your rolled concentrate to be slightly longer than the joint itself. Gently press the cannabis concentrate to the exterior of your joint so that it sticks and stays. 

You can also opt to roll your concentrate into a thin rope where you could wrap it around your joint similar to the way a candy cane has its swirls. The options are endless for this method, so long as the concentrate is able to stick to the exterior of the joint

  1. If you’re feeling fancy, sprinkling some kief around the joint to add some extra flare. With the right artistic eye and patience, you can create some intricate designs with the kief coating, adding a personal touch to your Twax Joint.

Note: This method of rolling is catered towards the aesthetic appreciation of a finely rolled joint. The end product will look beautiful, however, they may become difficult to store as the exterior can easily be damaged.

Rolling With an Interior Concentrate Coating

A subtle and discreet method best for later consumption.

  1. Start grinding up your bud and set it aside with your rolling papers. Once your bud is ground, grab your concentrate (if it is a thicker consistency, heat it slightly with your lighter to create a more liquid texture. This will aid in the aesthetic and application of your twax joint).

    If you’re aren’t able to heat the concentrate, no problem, we’ll show you how to work around that as well.
  2. With your now liquid cannabis concentrate, begin drizzling the oil evenly throughout the interior of your rolling paper.

    Pouring in either a straight or zig-zag shaped line will help keep coverage equally distributed throughout the joint. If your cannabis concentrate is still in its waxier form, you’ll want to roll it in the shape of your joint, almost as if it was a tube for your joint. Line the rolling paper with your wax mold.
  3. If you’re looking to add some extra strength, sprinkle some kief over the interior of your joint.
  4. Once your rolling papers are properly coated in your cannabis concentrates, begin positioning your ground bud and prepare your joint to be rolled up as you normally would.
  5. Seal the joint and you’re ready to go!

Although less glamorous, this method of application is great when the goal is to save the joints for future use, as the method lends itself to be much easier to store and less messy compared to the other alternatives.

As you can see, there’s no real right or wrong way to roll a twax joint. Depending on what concentrates you have on hand, you might end up going with a completely different design altogether than we’ve covered today. 

No matter what direction you decide to take your twax joint, just remember that even distribution of the concentrate is key. You wouldn’t want a thick globule of shatter to be concentrated in one place while the rest just burns down. Make sure to roll/distribute your concentrate evenly so it burns with the rest of the joint! 

Final Thoughts on Twax Joints

Since not all of us have the luxury of experimenting with dabbing, Twax Joints are the next best thing. They seem to offer us a way through the cracks into the world of concentrates without having to actually fully invest in the hardware required. That said, we hope this article helped familiarize you with what they are and prepared you to hit the ground running when it comes to making your own. As always, happy smoking! Enjoy!

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