Things To Do While High – 10 Fun Ideas

Things to do while high

There are countless things to love about your favourite icky sticky, with one of the most rad being its inherent ability to enhance experiences, contributing to the growing list of fun things to do while high.

Tons of activities can be improved by adding one more friend into the mix, the delightful and delectable Mary Jane. The more, the merrier, right?

Whether you’d rather be a couch potato and stay in or go out on an epic adventure in the great outdoors, nothing promotes an excellent experience more than incorporating some fun-loving ganja into the mix.

Today, we are listing some of our favourite things to do while high. Who knows, maybe there are a couple that you haven’t tried yet!

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Watch Your Favourite TV Show/Movie

Whether you want to add some extra excitement to an action flick, get all up in your feelings like Drake with a rom-com, or delve into the trippy elements of a psychological thriller, one of the most tried and true methods of things to do while high is to watch a movie or your favourite TV show.

Something about consuming weed heightens the senses and helps us get in touch with our creativity and introspective thoughts. Not only that, some strains, such as Fruity Pebbles OG, promote a mad case of the giggles that can be made even more fun by facilitating it with a hilarious comedy.

Not only that, a cozy night in binging a TV show or hosting a movie marathon provides the perfect setting for supplying all of your favourite snacks and sweets for when the inevitable munchies appear.

Listen to Music

Fun things to do while high

Like watching TV and movies, listening to music is one of the best things to do while high because it allows you to explore your favourite songs and artists more in-depth.

Whether you’re opting to listen to more eclectic, psychedelic sounds or gravitating towards more classic genres such as pop, rap, folk or even jazz.

Weed can help heighten the experience by allowing your mind to be more open to the intricate nature of how all the sounds and instruments blend together, the core messaging behind the lyrics and how it all combines into, sometimes literally, a symphony of sounds.

Not only that, there is nothing more fun than cranking up your favourite tunes, dancing around, and having a good old fashioned singalong dance party.


While sometimes you crave the immediacy and convenience of pre-made snacks or ordering in, cooking can be one of the most fun and interactive things to do while high.

Whether you’re alone or with friends, cooking is an excellent way to not only control your portions and what it is you’re eating – we’ve all been guilty of gorging ourselves while high, no judgement. It is also a very kinesthetic and physical experience that can be intensified while stoned.

Whether you’re baking and kneading dough or making pizza and sprinkling on cheese and other delicious toppings, cooking allows you to create a deeper connection to your food from start to finish by enjoying the physical element while preparing and reaping the benefits of eating the delicious aftermath.

It is also an excellent opportunity to try your hand at making creative edible recipes for a pick me up later, such as a cannabis-infused Mac and Cheeseburger or space cake.

Play Board Games

Fun things to do while high guide

Playing board games is a great group idea when determining things to do while high. If you’ve gone through a couple of puff, puff, pass seshes with your buds, it’s an easy, low effort activity that is fun for everyone.

Many cannabis strains, particularly Sativa-leaning ones, are known for promoting creativity and being more open to new ideas. So, proposing a game night with friends will likely go over well as something that everyone can participate in and have a good time with.

While it’s probably best to opt for a game that doesn’t have a super complicated set of rules, even if you do get confused, you can just make up your own guidelines and high stakes, get it?


It may seem weird but bear with us. Working out is actually a super enjoyable example of things to do while high.

Working out involves physical activity, which is always good and will increase your energy level, allowing you to potentially enhance your performance and push yourself even harder than usual with the added benefit of burning calories.

Not only that, the endorphins typically released from when you would usually work out will pair excellently with the effects of whichever bud you have opted to use, creating a righteous effect that will likely boost your mood even further.

However, we should note that you shouldn’t go too hard mixing weed and exercise. Consuming too much weed and trying to exercise could cause you to feel light-headed or even a little sick, so don’t overdo it.

Get Artsy

Even if you don’t consider yourself the most artistic individual, finding a way to express yourself and get creative is an excellent activity to do while high.

Whether you want to pick up a pencil and let your mind wander while you draw or opt for picking up a canvas and a set of paints while channelling your inner Vincent Van Gogh, it may come as a surprise how soothing and therapeutic indulging your artistic side can be.

Ultimately, you’ll end up with two potential outcomes, either you’re pleasantly surprised by your abilities, or you’ll have a good laugh looking back on it while you’re sober. Either way, it’s all in good fun!

Get your Game on

things to do while high ideas

It may seem like a no brainer for the more avid gamers, but playing video games can be an entertaining example of fun things to do while high, even if you aren’t necessarily an expert.

Gaming, while you’re high, is an incredibly different experience than it is while you’re sober. Your senses are intensified, making the sights, sounds, graphics and haptic feedback all more intense and realistic, almost as if you have directly entered an alternate universe where you are literally in the game.

Like watching a movie, playing video games is an excellent activity for staying in and chilling out. However, it is also a fun and engaging thing for groups to participate in through multiplayer games.

Who knows, being high might expand your mind to consider problem-solving approaches you may not have thought of otherwise!

Take a Bubble Bath

What do you get when you combine two super relaxing activities? Ultimate chill-out factor, that’s what.

Many people choose to take a bubble bath to help unwind and destress while also soothing tired and sore muscles, but adding weed into the mix? Legendary. Grab your favourite suds and Epsom salts for an out of this world relaxation experience that will leave your body feeling all sorts of mellow.

The combination of the warm water, the subtle tingle from the bubbles and the righteous physical effects from the bud will lead to a melting feeling in the best possible way. It’s like an at-home spa experience with a bonus.

Get Back to Nature

smoking cannabis

If you’re looking for a more adventurous example of things to do while high, getting outside and into nature is a fantastic activity.

Turn your hiking trip into a high-king expedition by combining healthy exercise with the mind-altering effects of your favourite wacky tobacky.

We all know that hiking to the top of a hill or mountain can provide some of the most breathtaking and beautiful views, but you may gain a new appreciation and perspective while enjoying them with a little extra mental boost, if you catch our drift.

Like with working out while high, it is essential to practice caution and start low and go slow, especially if you plan on venturing out into the wilderness. Always ensure that you are still cognizant enough to be able to navigate and be aware of your surroundings.

Do the Dirty Deed

One of the most rad elements of weed is that it enhances physical sensations through a body high while promoting creativity, making it an excellent method to spice things up in the bedroom.

Weed makes sex better

Yeah. We said it.

Just like the old Wrigley Doublemint Gum ads from the 80s and 90s, integrating weed allows you to double your pleasure and double your fun, providing a perfect scenario for the ideal threesome, you, your partner, and your favourite bodacious bud.

You can even find specific strains that are more likely to help enhance you dancing the Devil’s tango, for an experience that neither of you will soon forget.

Things to do While High – Endless Possibilities

The great thing when considering the various fun things to do while high is the seemingly countless number of activities, even if you don’t get to everything in one session, it just means that there are more things to try next time.

Ultimately, it’s all a matter of preference, but broadening your horizons and considering things you may not otherwise have thought could add an extra element to your high experience that you could find out you enjoy.

So, in that way, keep your mind open to new possibilities. However, it is always a core message of ours to be safe and consider your tolerance level and how certain strains affect you when determining what you choose to do.

This note is particularly important for activities like hiking, where you are venturing outside your home, and there are more external factors to consider.

Whichever you choose, make sure that the flower or weed-infused products you are purchasing come from a reputable, licensed and trustworthy dispensary to ensure the highest quality and best, safest overall experience.

Have you tried everything on this list? If so, try and find new variations to put a new spin on things for next time. If not, happy experimenting!

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