The Weed Diet – 5 Tips to Help You Lose Weight

Weed Diet

The weed diet – did you know that weed smokers tend to have lower body weight than non-smokers

Yes, you heard that right. Stoners tend to have, on average, lower body weight than non-smokers. 

Why is this the case? There’s lots of speculation around the answer on the scientific side of the debate. In short, cannabis does impact our cellular and body metabolism directly. It also impacts what we do, in terms of diet, exercise, stress, sleep, and more.

People tend to think of the munchies when it comes to getting high. And this certainly is a very real effect, especially for new smokers. As weed heightens the impact of flavors and aromas, it makes sense that we want to enjoy more of this food. 

For those who keep smoking regularly, however, this effect seems to fade over time. Or, at least the mild increase in calories per week eaten is overcome by behavioral and physiological factors of weed smoking. 

Whatever the precise reasoning is, while new smokers may snack and binge eat more than they like, long term smokers get over this initial change and regulate their diet over time. 

Let’s dive into the research in more detail and discuss 5 ways to use weed to help you lose weight.

Cannabis and Weight Loss – What Does Science Say?

Surprisingly, there is lots of research supporting the idea that stoners have lower body weight on average than those who don’t smoke marijuana. This includes studies with thousands of people and long term studies watching people over several decades.

One study looking at over 6000 participants, found that stoners tended to have lower fasting insulin, insulin resistance and body mass index in users compared with nonusers.
Another study has also found lower BMI and rates of overweight or obesity in cannabis users.

There is also evidence showing that cannabis improves the quality of life for people with chronic pain. Is this reduction in depression, anxiety, insomnia, and other life problems involved in less binge-eating and junk food snacking?

Maybe, just maybe. 

Overall, the reasons why stoners have lower body weight is not fully understood, but the fact remains.

This does not mean we should assume we can smoke marijuana and do nothing else. And that is why we will now turn to our five tips around what you can do to lose weight while smoking cannabis regularly.

Weed Diet – How To Lose Weight While Smoking Weed

There is so much we could talk about here, especially broad tips like getting enough sleep and managing stress. Instead, we’ll try to focus on 5 specific tips to help you manage your weight and live a healthier lifestyle.

Get Active 

It does not matter if it is only a 15-minute walk around the block while smoking a joint. This exercise is better than not exercising. While any activity is better than none, a good goal is about 30 minutes a day.

What activity should you pick? Some activities have benefits over others, like being in nature versus a gym. Overall, it doesn’t really matter what you do. The key factor is that you get exercise, and so you may as well pick the stuff you enjoy so it doesn’t seem like a punishment.

Also, do not think that ‘exercise’ has to be jogging, lifting weights, or playing sports. It can even be mopping, mowing, and numerous other household chores.

Quit Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol and weed diet

While cannabis is associated with snacking, I think most of us realize how much of impact alcohol has on our eating habits. All the junk food that goes along with a night of drinking can add serious calories to your daily total. 

By not drinking, you’ll be healthier for numerous reasons. But when it comes to body weight, alcohol can have real negative impacts.

Combined, these can make it hard to make positive long term changes. This may not be an easy tip for everyone, but we can all benefit from drinking less alcohol. On the flipside, you should be drinking as much water as you can in your weed diet. 

It can also help reduce that empty stomach discomfort, so try drinking a glass before going for a snack.

Weed Diet and Cannabis without the Munchies

Beyond starting exercising and quitting drinking, there are other factors around-consuming cannabis that are important to discuss. Here are some tips to consume cannabis without munchies.

Picking the Right Strain

girl scout cookies

While this is a topic for debate, many people report feeling less hungry  after smoking various strains. Broadly speaking, sativa strains induce more of a head high while indica strains produce more of a body high.

For some, the differences between these two on your eating habits may be significant if not immediately obvious.

The best thing you can do is some trial-and-error practice. If you’re an anxious eater, sativa may stimulate more binge-eating. If your body is low on calories, an indica strain may amp up the sensations in your tummy telling you to eat. There is no right strain for everyone, but there are better strains for you.

If you can find a strain with Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) then you should give it a try. This brother compound to THC is thought to be more appetite-suppressing.

Here are some great THCV strains to try:

Reconsider the Delivery Method

People do tend to focus on the strain itself when discussing the prevalence of the munchies. From personal experience, the delivery method can have a much greater effect than the strain. 

For example, edibles and oils lead to the direct application of cannabinoids to your gut and therefore, they may stimulate more hunger. Compare this to smoking or vaping, which uses the lungs to get cannabinoids into your bloodstream.

Consider the amount of THC and CBD

The first thing to keep in mind when smoking weed is how much THC you are consuming. Pay attention to this and see what impact it has on you. 

A small amount may reduce your appetite for an hour, while a large dose may make you very hungry in 10 minutes.

Smoking balanced strains, adding some low-THC hemp into your joints, or taking a CBD oil are some ways to add more CBD. This increase in the ratio of CBD to THC can be beneficial for those trying to lose weight.

Juice Raw Cannabis

juice raw cannabis

Finally, a fun and nutritious way to consume more of the cannabis plant beyond the flowers is by juicing the leaves. If you’re lucky enough to be growing cannabis or know somebody who is, grab some leaves and throw them in a blender. 

Add in some frozen fruit or veggies and you have the start of a wonderfully nutritious drink. These high-fiber and vitamin-packed drinks are an excellent substitute for other heavy meals in your day.

Consider Intermittent Fasting For Weed Diet

It may seem like odd advice, but if you know you’re going to be snacking while high tonight, eat less in the morning. The idea is that you’ll have fewer calories consumed in your day, and you’ll have more margin to add in some snacks.

Intermittent fasting can be thought of as taking intentional breaks between eating and slowing expanding this break over time. The most simple presentation is trying to not eat for 12-hours. While this may sound tough, many of those hours can be spent sleeping! 

The idea behind fasting is that your body has to make better use of the resources it has. Also, your body gets better at spacing out how it uses the energy from food eaten so that you have more consistent energy levels.

Research has demonstrated that intermittent fasting can help people lose weight, regardless of your starting point. It is also known to help improve insulin sensitivity, which relates to how your body uses energy as mentioned above. 

Beyond the research, behaviorally this is a powerful habit. It can help you learn when you’re eating out of boredom instead of actual hunger. It also saves you time, as you spend less time preparing food, cramming more calories into the rest of your day. 

Closing Thoughts on The Weed Diet 

Here they are, five awesome tips to help you lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. 

If you enjoy your cannabis, consider giving THCV strain a try. It will help you to suppress your appetite and as a result, become more loose. And for those who enjoy consuming their weed in forms of edibles, it’s better to reconsider the method since it may stimulate more hunger and eventually lead you to eat more. 

Lastly, you can also try intermittent fasting to lose weight and save your time on cooking food. This method implies that you eat less by taking breaks between meals for 12 hours and induce your body to save more energy.

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