Thai Stick – The First Cannabis Cigar

thai stick

You’ve probably heard of the blunt, but have you heard of the Thai Stick?

In the world of cannabis where there seems to be no shortage of options, the high demand and rapid growth of the industry have been giving rise to many new cannabis innovations. That said, entrepreneurs and innovators have been flooding onto the scene, bringing life to both old and new cannabis products.

Since the 1970s, when cannabis had been officially outlawed for any use in the United States, much of the variety in marijuana products began to fizzle out of North American cannabis culture.

One of the products that got hit the hardest was the Thai Stick. These green giants were the very first iteration of artisan cannabis cigars. They were widely acclaimed by many surfers and war veterans alike due to their rich, velvety smooth drag and slow burn.

Interested in revitalizing this once prevalent cannabis creation? Let’s explore how together.

Origins of the Thai Stick

thai stick origins

Around the time of the 1960s during the era of the Vietnam war, the surrounding areas around Vietnam, namely Thailand were flooded with soldiers who were shipped to Southeast Asia for deployment. Along with the soldiers, many surfers who were duty keen on experiencing the beauty of the region also frequented the area.

Whether the goal was to find solace in the heat of the war or fall into a dreamy bliss while on vacation, Thai Sticks left an impression on these young men, becoming a cult favorite within each group. At the time of their introduction, the marijuana grown in Thailand had outmatched anything ever seen in the United States.

For men who were fortunate enough to experience Thai Sticks, they were smitten by their euphoria-inducing effects. Serving as a kind of glue that held groups together during these tough times, these men eventually stockpiled a supply of their own and brought them back home for either personal use or to share with their friends.

While being a hit amongst a wide range of people in the United States, their glory was short lived as all cannabis use was abruptly put to a halt with the passage of the 1970 Controlled Substances Act (CSA). This meant that people who were still interested in using marijuana would have to opt for stealthier ways of consumption, as a result, Thai Sticks were eventually supplanted by the joint.

As the demand and growth of the emerging marijuana industry reached new heights, both old and new innovations have been given a chance to see the light of day. That said, Thai Sticks have been making a slow and steady comeback to the North American market.

How to Make a Thai Stick

thai stick

To this day, many who have been fortunate enough to try Thai Sticks can attest to the potency and rich cannabinoid profile possessed by the cigar.

Recreating the original Thai Stick is easy to do, however, the methods require patience, a steady hand as well as a sharp eye. Fun fact, the Thai Stick is arguably the first instance of a twax joint!

What You Will Need

  • Some fresh marijuana (use the Thai Strain or Thai Stick Strain if you have it)
  • A bamboo stick or a chopstick (used as the Thai Stick mold)
  • A hash oil of your choice
  • Some fan leaves from a cannabis plant
  • Parchment paper

Step 1

Begin coating your bamboo stick or chopstick in either hash oil or sugar water. Once fully coated, press your bud around your stick or spear your bud straight through it, skewer style. You’ll want to use the fluffiest bud available as it will easily stick to your mold and improve the air circulation when smoking.

Step 2

With your stick fully loaded, begin wrapping it all with some fan leaves and then securely tying both ends in hemp string to fasten the bud. Once tied, wrap the whole stick in parchment paper and cure it in the fridge for a few days.

Step 3

Gently remove the hemp string and leaves from your Thai Stick. Coat the bud on your Thai Stick in the hash oil of your choice, and then wrap it up in some fan leaves once again. Depending on how strong you want your Thai Stick to be, you may coat and wrap the Thai Stick a few more times, being careful not to overdo it. If you want to further enhance your Thai Sticks, add some kief to each layer of the hash oil.

Step 4

Once your original twax joint is wrapped, rewrap them in some parchment paper and briefly warm them with a low heat to liquefy the hash oil, allowing it to penetrate through each layer of the Thai Stick.

Step 5

Finally, remove the parchment paper then wrap the Thai Sticks in some hemp string and store them in a zip-lock bag. Once sealed in the bags, you can store them in a fridge for about one week. Once you have your Thai Sticks ready for use, remove the hemp string and the stick at the center before smoking.

How to Smoke a Thai Stick

Thai Sticks have been known to last as long as six hours if made correctly. The velvety smooth texture and rich flavor profile lend themselves to be enjoyed in special social gatherings. To start, untie the hemp string from the Thai Stick and remove the stick at the center. As a result, you should have a long cannabis cigar with a small hole through the center.

When heated up, wait until the cigar is properly lit with a smooth even cherry at the tip. Avoid inhaling while the flame is making contact with the cigar as this will cause burns and irritation. The idea is to treat this exotic blunt as you would a regular cigar.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re casually smoking with friends or celebrating the achievement of a large milestone, the Thai Stick is the perfect companion to bring along for a good time. Have fun making your own and enjoy!

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