How to Store Weed – Enjoy Your Favourite Herb Longer

how to store weed

Learning how to store weed is one of the basic essentials for novice tokers and seasoned cannabis connoisseurs.

There is nothing better than perfectly cured weed with the ideal moisture content. No matter the strain, we want to make sure we enjoy everything they have to offer.

Cannabis cultivators perfect their craft of growing and curing bud, but once you buy it the rest is up to you.

In this article, we are going to outline to you how to store weed to preserve its magical qualities for as long as possible. We’ll discover why keeping buds fresh is better and the best ways to do so. By the end, you’ll be an expert at keeping your favourite icky sticky stored properly. 

Ultimately, what you do with the weed you buy matters. We’ll discuss this and more as we explore the best ways to store your favourite bud.

Why is Fresh Weed Better?

how to store weed fresh weed

Who do you trust to know your specific strain best and in turn rely on the knowledge of how to store weed? Well, the answer is obvious, the grower of that strain!

These master growers cultivate the weed plants and cure the bud to the perfect conditions and potency. Why wouldn’t we want to keep the bud in this state for as long as possible?

Flavour and Smoking Experience

There are several reasons why fresh weed is better. As we previously stated, fresh weed is as close to the grower’s ideal vision as possible. For this reason, we can expect the strain to be enjoyed most at this level, including the flavour and smoking experience.

Unless you’re growing your own weed, you don’t have to worry about curing and drying freshly harvested buds.

In terms of how to store weed, you want to keep the fresh bud in the condition as close to when you bought it as possible. You do not want your cannabis to become brittle, as this is a sign that it is drying out.

If your medical marijuana arrives tasting like hay, then it was not cured for long enough. You are not a horse. Do not settle for weed that tastes like hay.

Maintaining Cannabinoids

We can also look at freshness from the critical angle of getting the most value out of your bud as possible. Unlike alcohol, the active compounds in weed are not stable and degrade over time.

It is a flower, after all. It will be dried and cured, but it is not preserved chemically. This fact is one of the big reasons why people love weed and view it as a natural, holistic product that can also be organic.

Beyond the smoking experience itself, a crucial factor when it comes to weed is how it affects us. Whether we are looking for the effects of THC, CBD, or both, we generally want to maximize how much of the righteous effects we get to enjoy.

Sadly, the compounds we hold most dear inside our bud, such as potency, will degrade over time, even in perfect storage conditions.  When it comes to how to store weed, we want to minimize the loss of cannabinoids and terpenes.

This is why storage is so important and why we should care about it.

For those who don’t know, the bud itself does not yet contain much THC or CBD at all. The earlier versions, or precursors, of these compounds, are actually packed inside. These compounds are acidic versions of THC and CBD, nicely labelled as THC-acid (THCA) and CBD-acid (CBDA).

It is these compounds that we activate using heat and a process called decarboxylation. It is also these compounds that decay over time inside our bud.

Mold and Safety

The final and perhaps most important reason why fresh weed is better is that it prevents potentially dangerous things from happening. If the weed has too much moisture, it can develop mold. Smoking dried flower with mold on it is unhealthy at the very least and can be harmful.

Always take a look at your buds for obvious signs of mold.

Pay attention to what looks like tiny spider nest-like substances anywhere on the bud. These do not look like trichomes, which are the crystals that make buds look frosty.

It should not be news to most that moisture causes potentially dangerous bacteria to grow. As long as you take your weed out of plastic jars and use glass jars for your icky sticky instead, you should be fine.

If you smell ammonia, a sweaty odour, or anything obviously mildew-smelling around your ganja, do not smoke it. Throw it away immediately. 

Finding the optimum storage container is critical for storing your bud, both for short and long term storage.

How to Store Weed to Keep it Fresh

how to store weed keep it fresh

Determining the best, most efficient ways to store your weed is crucial in reaping its bodacious benefits for as long as possible. Consider this your guide to cannabis storage and keeping your weed fresh. Manage moisture, maintain your CBD, avoid dry flower, and use this guide to avoid unsafe bud.

Below, we will outline the critical factors and things to consider when learning how to store weed.

Storage Container

Use a glass mason jar and avoid plastic bags and other containers. By far, the most accessible and functional option out there for weed storage is the mason jar.

You can get these airtight glass containers in a variety of sizes and shapes. Finding airtight mason jars to use as containers for your weed is well worth the effort. These containers help ensure that the air inside maintains the temperature and humidity that we want.

Buy a new container to use when storing dried flower for years. Storing buds for this much time is likely to lead to some dry and less potent cannabis.


When it comes to temperature there is some debate about the best place for cannabis storage. Some people swear by their fridge or freezer. Most people generally find that room temperatures do just fine, although you want to find a cool dark spot preferably.

If you live somewhere particularly hot, then you may want to consider a cooler spot, like the basement. Ideally, storing weed in temperatures under 70 degrees is best for maintaining potency and freshness.


Monitoring humidity is a huge component in learning how to store weed. Controlling humidity is the best way to avoid your bud from developing mildew or mold that could potentially contaminate your herb.

It is best to keep your weed in a controlled environment with a relative humidity between 59 and 63%. This level will not only prevent the growth of potentially harmful toxins, but it will also serve to enhance the aroma, colour, and flavour of your weed.

Many users opt for two-way controls to maintain relative humidity at a set point and do so inside airtight glass jars.

If humidity levels drop and become too low, the trichomes on the bud will start to dry out, which will significantly reduce the levels of essential oils.


Finally, we should not forget about the sun and its UV rays. Light is known to speed up the decay of cannabinoids. In this way, it should be avoided as much as possible.

It is best to find a cool dark place to store your weed. When exposed to light, cannabis loses its potency quickly, meaning you lose out on CBD and THC compounds.

In summary, store your weed somewhere dark in an airtight glass.

Why do these techniques help?

The above-mentioned techniques serve to prevent the loss of the valuable THCA compounds that we all know and love and keep your bud as-is for as long as possible. The same goes for CBDA compounds.

The science is clear that light and heat speed up the degradation of cannabinoids. To keep your medical marijuana fresh, use the tips discussed here for your long term cannabis storage.

How to Store Weed – Back to Basics

Learning the best methods of how to store weed is crucial in ensuring that you get to enjoy the beautiful benefits of your favourite bud for as long as possible without compromising its potency, flavour, or effects.

Factors such as your storage container of choice, as well as temperature, humidity, and light exposure can make or break how long your weed will last as well as how safe it is to consume. It is best to follow these suggestions to a T to ensure that you are not ingesting any harmful toxins.

As well, always inspect your bud before consuming it to ensure that it is free of any mold or mildew that could be dangerous.

Once you have these basics down, nothing can stop you from enjoying the bountiful benefits of your friendly herb.


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