How to Sober Up From Weed – 7 Green Out Tips

how to sober up from weed

How to sober up from weed? With the multitude of cannabis strains available today having over 20% THC levels, finding yourself in a surprised “too high” situation is as easy as ever. Add to the mix the growing appeal of massively potent cannabis concentrates, and flying “too high” becomes unavoidable. 

During care-free days with no obligations, these moments may be the necessary escape you were longing for – but what if duties arise unexpectedly? Navigating busy grocery stores, talking to bank tellers or even driving to help a friend in need have all caught us off guard.

If you’re forced to wake up from your stoned slumber, here’s a guide with 7 strategies for how to sober from weed real quick.

However, before we start, how do you even know if you’re too high?

Are You Too High? Telltale Signs

how to sober up from weed tips

You may have heard of the unicorn, fading in and out consciousness experience that cannabis induces in many first-timers. You may have also learned the hard way when you’ve combined dank cannabis with hard alcohol that left you with an unbearable evening of dizziness. Heck, you may have even experienced first-hand being too “inside your own head” after eating a deceptively potent cannabis gummy. 

Many refer to these experiences as being “too high” or “greening out”, but regardless of the title and how they may differ slightly, you can probably agree that they share many of the same symptoms. Here’s a breakdown to help you better understand if cannabis has got the best of you.

Too High Symptoms

  • Anxiety and Paranoia
  • Repeating behaviours
  • Losing track of what you’re doing
  • Extremely dry mouth or “cottonmouth”
  • Short-term memory

Greening Out Symptoms

  • Panic attacks
  • Tremors and shakes
  • Extreme nausea and/or dizziness to the extent of being unable to stand
  • Accelerated heart rate
  • Hot and cold chills
  • Losing consciousness temporarily

The exceptionally good thing about either being “too high” or “greening out” is that none of them are fatal, given that overdosing on cannabis is almost practically impossible. However, when you do an experiment with new potent forms, it’s ideal to stay in more controlled and safe environments, otherwise, you’re increasing your chances for serious accidents. Put another way, save the bike ride on the highway for another day. 

How to Sober Up From Weed – How Long Does It Take?

how to sober up from weed guide

Being at the mercy of any of the symptoms above can be extremely unpleasant, especially if you don’t have the previous experience of what it entails and how to navigate through it. 

If you do find yourself immersed in any of them, remember that the entire experience is temporary. Just how temporary, you may ask? The answer depends on a whole host of factors, but as a ballpark, this is what you can expect for the different consumption methods: smoking, vaporizing, ingestion (tinctures, edibles) and vaporizing.  

  • Smoking and vaporizing symptoms usually last for 2-4 hours since your last inhale, 
  • Ingestion and topicals can last anywhere from 4-8 hours 
  • You can also expect slightly different onset times for each consumption method. 

Again, the time it takes for you to sober up from weed depends on factors other than consumption, like your body weight, your diet, your tolerance levels, the potency and how much you’ve consumed and so forth. This brings to light an interesting subject that even cannabis scientists struggle to solve– having predictable cannabis experiences

With these in mind, what are some strategies for how to sober up from weed fast?

How To Sober Up From Weed – 7 Easy Tips

how to sober up from weed fast

Stuck on being too high and need to sober up fast? Don’t remain helpless, use these 8 easy strategies to relinquish the grips of cannabis’ effect on you. 


Why fight a losing battle? Resisting the overwhelming effects of cannabis could be also the cause of why you’re too high in the first place. Instead, surrender and accept, and find yourself a quiet, comfortable space to rest. This also means taking a nap if you feel so. However, we do admit that if you are mentally and physically “paralyzed” while experiencing major dizziness, there’s really not much else you can do. 

Think Positive

Mindset and attitude is a hugely important factor when it comes to your cannabis experience. Have negative expectations coming into it? Not in the best emotional and mental state as well? It’s likely your sensibilities will be reflected in your experience. Being aware of them and preparing yourself is one way to mitigate the effect your negative thoughts will have, but another way is to focus on creating positive ones. This means making positive self-statements and reminding yourself that this experience will pass.


If you experience lethargy, nausea and headaches during your “greening out” experience, there could be a chance that you’re dehydrated. Prepare yourself and prevent this from happening by ensuring you have water, or other nourishing drinks, like fruit smoothies, cranberry juice or coconut water, on hand. 


Feeling overly anxious and tense? In addition to hydrating yourself, there are certain foods that can help bring you back down to earth by calming you down. There aren’t many studies on how and why food will have this sobering effect from weed, but many think fatty foods help your digestive system metabolize cannabinoids. Irrespective on the reasons, foods like lemons, pine nuts and black pepper are also known to have sedating effects. 

Cold Water Shower

Need to awaken the sense from cannabis’ numbing effect? Taking a relatively cold shower will help you regain control of your senses. The same principle applies to popular cold-water and cryogenic therapy solutions that are endorsed by body hack geeks. Many think that these therapies help produce proteins in the brain that reduce internal swelling. Interesting, right? Regardless of what’s taking place, cold water is likely to help you get sharp in a hurry. 

Take CBD

Given that CBD is the “yin” to THC’s “yang”, it only makes sense to use the cannabinoid’s sedative and hardly psychoactive characteristics to help you sober up from weed fast. CBD is proven to counteract and even reduce THC’s effect, which is why it’s always recommended by professionals alongside THC if the purpose is therapeutic. 

Go For a Walk

Physical movements, as little as walking and as extreme as exercising, help send a rush of natural feel good chemicals to the brain, thus, reducing the sensation of pain and potentially destructive thinking patterns. Doing so also helps you get outside your head, which may be another factor for being “too high”.

Techniques For How To Sober Up From Weed

If you’re looking for solutions that will instantly cure your “greening out” experience, these techniques aren’t it. Instead, techniques like resting, exercising, taking a cold shower and so forth, will only reduce the anxiety and stress-filled experience you may have, therefore, allowing you to better tackle the day’s obligations. Whether you should actually follow through with such last-minute duties is another question for concern. In either case, be safe and stay positive!

Good luck!

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