How to Smoke Wax – The Full Guide

how to smoke wax

How to smoke wax – do you know how to consume one of the most fundamental cannabis concentrates available today? 

Packed with terpenes, flavour and a host of other benefits, cannabis wax is easy to smoke and even easier to enjoy.

Not sure what wax is all about or how to smoke wax? We’re going to give you the full run-down behind this popular cannabis extract so you don’t miss out. 

How to Smoke Wax – What is Wax?

how to smoke wax guide

This marijuana extract is named wax due to its texture and appearance. Specifically, it tends to fall between thick liquid and malleable solid. It is important to note that the products may be a runny or brittle wax.

Due to this range, we can expect these concentrates to fall somewhere between cannabis oil and shatter. Which type is right for you depends on numerous facets, including how you want to smoke it and what effects you desire.  

Wax is a highly potent and concentrated form of cannabis, although the exact THC percentage can vary.

Many types of wax can have over 90% THC potency. Beyond that, the extraction method used to make wax can also help draw out the terpenes and other cannabinoids, making these products full-spectrum.

Other versions may be THC or CBD isolates, which contain basically only those compounds alone.

Broadly speaking, butane hash oil is another name for wax, because of the solvent used to create these concentrates, butane. Other solvents are used, but the purpose of them all is to draw out the valuable compounds so they can be left behind in this concentrated form after the solvent is removed.

The specific process used can impact which other names the product may fall under, and the consistency of the final product. With time, temperature, humidity, and the solvent used all playing a role.

Now that we have a good understanding of the broad family of concentrates that fall under wax, we can get to the good stuff.

How to Smoke Wax?

With all the ways to smoke dabs, there are numerous great options to consider. Which method you select can depend upon the consistency of the wax. The more liquid forms are better suited for vape pens,  while brittle versions work better with hot nails.

In the following sections, we’ll explore the standard ways to get high with wax, from the dab rig and e-nails through to the basic hot knife method that requires no special supplies.

Whichever method you select, practice good safety habits to ensure you maintain your safety.

Dab Rig

smoke wax dab rig

Dab rigs involve glass pipes/bongs with a nail or banger instead of a bowl. These nails are then heated up using a blow torch until they are red hot, the cooled briefly. Other options include using an e-nail that is plugged into the wall and maintains a consistent temperature.

With hotter temperatures, you’ll get larger clouds of smoke but also a harsher flavor and reduced efficiency. Lower temperatures provide more subtle clouds of smoke but draw out the flavor better and with less wasted product.

Once the banger is hot, all you have to do is drop in a small piece of wax and cover it with a carb cap while you inhale the vapor.


We mentioned how nails that also come in electronic versions. These set-ups are super easy to use and just require plugging in and setting your temperature preference. They are great for those who use your dab rig often, or with groups of people to reduce wait-times. Be sure to exercise caution with these e-nails, and never leave one unattended while hot. 

Otherwise, using e-nails is exactly the same as using a dab rig with quartz banger you heat up with a torch. You just drop a bit of wax onto the nail, put on the carb cap, and inhale slowly.

Dab Straw (aka nectar collector)

If dab rigs are essentially bongs with a banger instead of a bowl, dab straws are like pipes with nails instead of bowls. The great thing about dab straws is the portability they offer. Unfortunately, they do still require a blowtorch to heat it up.

Once the nail is hot, all you got to do is dip the nail into your wax and inhale. You can do this directly out of the container the product came in, or you can spread a bit of wax on a heat-resistant surface like silicone or quartz. Be sure to perform a long consistent breath while you contact the wax with the hot nail. 

Wax Vape Pen

how to vape wax

When using one of these handheld wax vape pens, always follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Otherwise, these pens are often easy to use and only require you to select your preferred temperature and inhale.

The only additional work with these pens can involve filling up the chamber with your wax. Other vape pens come with disposable cartridges that are pre-filled. Depending on where you live, you may or may not have access to newer wax vape pens.

Twaxxing (adding to joint, spliff, or blunt)

This method is an easy one but can be as complicated and time-consuming as you like. You can twax a joint by adding any concentrate of choice either inside or around the joint. The same goes for spliffs or blunts, as you can sprinkle some wax inside and off you go.

The major consideration with twaxxing is the consistency of the wax. More liquidy waxes may be tricky and messy to use, but they can be used to provide a sticky surface before dipping it into kief.

The high potency of wax means that smoking wax can get you real high. Be sure to stay within your tolerance level when you smoke wax.

Finally, for those without a rig, interest in twaxxing, or a nectar collector, there is one simple and unconventional way. This method involves hot knives so make sure you exercise caution.

Knife dabs (aka hot knives)

While rather rudimentary, this method can get the job done if you are without a rig or vape pen. Basically, you heat up a metal knife (butter-knives are better as they are less sharp) and then compress wax between it and a room-temperature knife while inhaling the smoke.

Heating up the knives can be done using a stovetop or blow torch until they get red hot. The other item you need is a mouthpiece to facilitate inhaling the vapor.

In other words, you need a funnel, and a plastic bottle cut in half is as easy as it gets. Use the mouthpiece of the plastic bottle to inhale the vapor with your knives held underneath.

The best way to get the job done is to first place a bit of wax onto one of the knives. Then you heat up the other knife until red, then use it to compress and vaporize the wax.

As you do this, use your funnel to inhale up as much of the vapor as possible. It may sound a bit basic, but this DIY method is a good last-ditch option for those who need it.

How to Smoke Wax – Final Thoughts

You made it to the end, which means you now know the key details you need to know about wax and how to use it to get high.

As we explain, wax is a broad family of cannabis concentrates with various consistencies and textures. What they all have in common is high potency, whether the product contains THC or CBD. Due to this high potency, and the nature of smoking wax, ensure you exercise caution so that you can enjoy a good experience without getting too high!

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