How to Smoke Hash – The Quick Guide

Much has been said about smoking weed, but there are few guides on how to smoke hash. Although both hashish and weed are parts of the cannabis Sativa plant, the latter is much more popular in the western culture. On the other hand, hashish is more recognized in Africa and Asia. Given this, when a person who’s new to hash receives a chunk of it, he or she will experience the “What the hell am I supposed to do with it?” effect. Therefore, I would like to shed light on key differences between hash and weed, leaving no stone unturned about the ways of smoking the brown paste.

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Hash vs. Weed

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First things first, let’s compare these two in terms of origins. Marijuana is particularly popular in Europe and North America, while hashish is praised by the people of Africa and the Middle East. In Arabic, hashish stands for “grass” and despite strict bans on the substance, it is widely accessible across Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle Eastern regions.

When comparing the hash to marijuana, we should also take a peek at differences in the cultivation of both. Marijuana typically grows quickly, which is the reason why it’s called “weed.” After harvesting a plant, its stems, flowers, and buds are dried – the moment decarboxylation takes place – and turned into a psychoactive pot. How is hash made? Well, in short, it requires separating trichomes and compressing them into a block with the right temperature, which takes more time to achieve the final product.

Hash and marijuana show significant differences in strength and the effects on the body and brain. Hash contains more THC than weed, so users should keep the amounts in moderation in order not to get exposed to the psychoactive effects.

Now that you know the main differences between hash and weed, let’s see how to smoke the brown block.

How to Smoke Hash?

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Here are some common ways in which you can consume hash. Have a look at the list and choose the one that suits your preferences:

  • Add it to a spliff with weed and tobacco. If you’re in possession of a dry block, you can simply crush it and add it when rolling a joint. Use it with tobacco or mix it with marijuana. The second method implies a more powerful high, something that you’ll probably want to experience if you’re an adventure seeker.
  • Place the chunk of hash in a pipe. Some people claim that when using a pipe or bong for smoking hash, much of the product will be wasted. On the other hand, pipes and bongs allow a user to avoid the toxins and other carcinogens present in smoke, so it’s a way healthier way of consuming hash than rolling it in a joint.
  • Dab it. Since hashish belongs to a group of cannabis concentrates, it’s easy to use a glass rig and simply dab it, just like you dab the shatter or wax. This method is particularly useful when using the full-melt hash.
  • Use a hot knife. How to smoke hash like an old school hippie? Just grab two knives and heat them up on a stove. Once they reach the right temperature, add a little chunk of hash or hash oil to the blade and top it with the other knife. After that, inhale the smoke through a pen or straw, whatever lies within your reach at this particular moment.
  • Use a vaporizer. Today’s vaping pens are dedicated to consuming cannabis concentrates, so you can inhale the hash with your device and enjoy one of the healthy ways of having your brown paste. Your portable vaporizer’s manufacturer probably has a manual for it, so you just need to act in accordance with the instruction.

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Not so recommended ways to smoke hash. The following should be viewed as last resort options when you’re in a pinch. Please stick to the methods above whenever possible:

  • Shape a piece of aluminum foil into a bowl. This is one of the easiest ways to consume hash. Place it in the prepared aluminum foil bowl and use a lighter to heat the lower part of the boil. Remember to heat it slowly in order not to burn yourself. Then again, if you have a pen or a straw, feel free to use them to inhale the vapors emerging from the heated substance. Like I said, not only is this method easy, but it’s also super cost-effective.
  • Master the art of recycling with a plastic bottle. Indeed, necessity is the mother of invention. Feeling thrilled to work with the concept of creating a bong from a bottle? Great! Just remove the bottle top and replace it with aluminum foil. Then, make a couple of small holes in the foil and proceed down the bottle. Take a cigarette out of your pack and light it up. Once lit, poke the cigarette in the side of the bottle and make two holes on the separate sides. Spoon up a chunk of has, place it on the aluminum foil and start heating it with a lighter. When it reaches the desired temperature, stick your finger in one hole and start sucking the smoke through the other. Release the finger and take a deep breath. Boom! That was a nice hit, sir!

As you can see, there are plenty of ways in which you can smoke hash. To cut the long story short, I’d recommend using a vaporizer if you’re new to the subject and, above all, being careful with the amounts of hash you want to inhale for the first time. Once familiar with the concentrate, feel free to experiment in order to find the best way to smoke hash. Also don’t forget to check out guide to smoke shatter.

I cannot help but wish you happy hunting!

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