How to Smoke a Pipe – A Beginner’s Guide

how to smoke a pipe

With so many different ways to indulge in your favourite bodacious bud, traditional methods such as learning how to smoke a pipe may fall on the backburner when it comes to debating how to burn it up or whether or not smoking a pipe is for you.

However, weed pipes and this method of smoking are classics for a reason. Smoking a pipe presents a portable way of consuming your cannabis with the old school appeal of a more traditional overall smoking experience.

For those who may be fresh on the scene or novice tokers, the case may be that you just don’t know how to smoke a pipe, which is totally fine!

Today, we will explain to you just how easy it is to enjoy the benefits of smoking a pipe. It will also help you understand why it is one of the most tried and true methods for cannabis smokers to enjoy their favourite icky sticky.

What is a Weed Pipe?

weed pipe

A pipe is just a small, handheld smoking device that is used to smoke weed. 

They are available in most dispensaries and can be found in a majority of smoke shops as well.

Pipes have been used for centuries, dating as far back as 12th century Egypt. Ever since then, blazers have adhered to the tried and true homage, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” which is why smoking a pipe remains one of the most common methods to enjoy cannabis to this day.

Many tokers appreciate the pipe for its wide availability, straightforwardness, easy to use approach and affordability. Pipes are also customizable, making it a fun accessory to have given the wide variety of shapes, colours, and styles they come in. 

The appearance of pipes extends far beyond the classic Sherlock Holmes look, which, don’t get us wrong, is super awesome, and you can get pipes that look like this. Instead, they come in a variety of styles, including hand pipes, one-hitters, and steamrollers.

Hand pipes, also known as “spoons,” are the most widely available kind of pipe used for partaking in your favourite bud. They get their name because they fit in the palm of your hand.

Hand pipes are made up of a bowl where you pack your dry flower and a stem from where you inhale the smoke. The bottom of the bowl has a hole where the smoke travels through the stem and a larger hole on the side, called the carb, where tokers can regulate airflow.

Hand pipes are typically made of glass, but there are other kinds made out of metal and wood that also exist.

One-hitters are small pipes, roughly 2-4 inches long, with a tube-like shape with a mouthpiece at one end and a small opening for dry bud on the other. They get their name because the amount of weed they hold isn’t usually a lot, typically enough for one hit.

Finally, steamrollers take the best of both worlds from a pipe and one-hitter. They usually have a tube-like shape like a one-hitter but have other features, including a carb and a bigger bowl, from a hand pipe.

The primary difference between a steamroller and a hand pipe is that steamrollers allow for better airflow because they have an open area at the front.

How to Smoke a Pipe

how to smoke a pipe guide

Now that we’ve established what a pipe is and the different forms they come in, it’s time to get to the main event, how to smoke a pipe!

As we’ve already said, it’s very straight forward, and learning how to smoke a pipe is a right of passage for many new weed smokers. Even if you’re a more seasoned toker, it never hurts to have a refresher course.

First things first, we’ll outline the materials you’re going to need:

  • A grinder
  • Dry flower (whichever strain your heart desires)
  • A pipe

Okay. Now that that’s been established, let’s get to the good part, how to smoke a pipe!

  • Get your grind on (and we don’t mean in the weird, dancy, grinding up in the club kind of way) and break up your dry bud loosely. Don’t grind it too finely. If you don’t have a grinder, you can also pull apart your herb with your hands.
  • Place the ground or broken up bud in your pipe. We recommend packing your weed lightly at the bottom and more densely at the top of the bowl to ensure that you have a more even smoking experience. In this way, the bud on top will maintain a nice burn (also known as a cherry) while promoting airflow to make it easier to inhale without your bud clogging up the stem.
  • Spark up your lighter or another lighter-like heat source, inhale, and enjoy!

Is it Safe?

While pipe smoking is one of the tried and true classics of the cannabis world, there are, of course, consequences of consuming weed in this way.

Smoking methods, such as joints, blunts, or pipes, can directly contribute to adverse health effects through inhaling smoke and other plant matter. Smoking also involves ingesting carcinogens, which can cause cancer.

If you’re looking for a healthier, safer alternative to smoking, vaping your weed presents an ideal option. Vaping does not involve any combustion, which means that you get to reap all the righteous benefits of your favourite bud without worrying about inhaling harsh, potentially harmful toxins.

Vaping is also convenient because you don’t need to pack other supplies, such as a dry flower or a grinder, with you, making it a viable and desirable option for those looking to toke on the go. In this way, a vape pen is also more discreet.

Pipe Smoking – Back to Basics

There is something about smoking your weed that is nostalgic and classic, which is why blazers to this day keep returning to this method to enjoy their favourite cannabis.

Learning how to smoke a pipe is a pinnacle moment in every novice toker’s weed experience. It opens the door to the many other different varieties of ingestion methods currently at our disposal.

Like with anything else, it is important to learn the basics. Even if you decide that using a pipe is not for you or you would instead opt for a method of enjoying your favourite bud that doesn’t come with as many health risks, the wonderful thing about weed is that it’s all about experimentation.

As always, make sure that the products you are purchasing come from a reliable, reputable dispensary so that you are getting the best quality, safest product possible.

Other than that, spark up and enjoy!

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