How Long Do Edibles Last? – Differences of Smoking vs Eating Weed

How Long Do Edibles Last

How long do edibles last? Since the advent of legal marijuana, hundreds of thousands of people have been able to enjoy the herb recreationally. Unfortunately, smoking cannabis is not an option for everybody, which opens up new avenues for other forms of consumption. Namely edibles.

 if you’re new to all of this, you may have questions like, how long for edibles to kick in? How long do edibles last? And how does the edibles high affect me differently than the high from traditionally smoking cannabis? You’ve got questions and we’ve got answers, stay tuned!

How is Eating Cannabis Different To Smoking?

How Long Do Edibles Last guide

The first thing you’ll notice with edibles is that the effects they produce tend to be different than the effects of smoking. With that being said, understanding the science of how your body absorbs THC through different mediums is paramount to understanding how and why edibles can produce the effects that they do. 

The key difference between smoking and eating cannabis is your body’s method of absorption for the THC ingested. Every time someone smokes marijuana, THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) is taken directly into the lungs where it is absorbed by the millions of alveoli found inside them. 

The THC then makes its way into the bloodstream and then to the brain, from there it circulates throughout the rest of the body. The alveoli that line your lungs are responsible for gas exchange, and the fact that they take up such a large surface area in your lungs means that smoking is one of the fastest ways to get THC into your system.

In the case of edibles, the THC enters your system through the digestive tract. When THC is absorbed through your intestines, it tends to be a much slower process as the THC must also be metabolized by your liver. Once the THC is absorbed in the digestive tract, it is metabolized in your liver then enters the bloodstream and moves towards the brain and the rest of the body.

Edibles dosage

While gauging your dosage through smoking cannabis is a rather nontechnical pursuit, dosing your edibles is much detailed and specific due to the potency of the products.  It’s important to note that edibles may affect each individual differently.

Edible dosage chart

Here is a brief guide on what to expect at each level of dosage:

1 – 2.5mg THC 

Expect to experience a slight relief of pain, anxiety, and stress, as well as enhanced focus and creativity. This dosage is great for first-time users or people who are looking to microdose and experience marijuana’s enhanced creative effects.

2.5 – 15mg THC 

Very similar effects to 1-2.5mg although with stronger relief of symptoms. This level of dosage may alter your perception and impair your coordination. You may experience Euphoria. This dosage is great for people who have chronic symptoms of pain, anxiety, stress, or insomnia. This dosage is also suitable for casual marijuana users who are looking for a good time.

15 – 30mg THC

Breaching into heavier dosage territory, may produce unwanted effects. Feelings of strong euphoria, may alter perception and impair coordination. This dosage is great for seasoned cannabis veterans and medical patients under regular cannabis treatment.

30 – 50mg THC

Heavy dose, may cause discomfort in some users. Very intense feelings of euphoria, also likely to alter perception and impair coordination. This dose is great for consumers who possess poor GI absorption of cannabinoids or consumers who have developed a high tolerance to THC. 

50 – 100mg and above THC

Heroic doses may cause extreme unwanted side effects such as elevated heart rate, paranoia, and anxiety or nausea. Heroic doeses also have a high chance to alter perception and impair coordination. This dose is only suitable for highly experienced THC users or cancer patients.

How Long Until Edibles Kick In?

how long do edibles last tips

A general rule of thumb is that an edible will begin to kick in approximately 30-60 minutes after ingestion, although it can take up to two hours in some cases. 

It’s important to note that the actual amount of time before you feel the effects may vary based on a number of characteristics. Namely whether you have ingested food before consumption, as food in your stomach generally acts as a buffer for your high.

Though the two hours may seem like a lengthy period for the impatient, once the edibles do kick in, they kick in hard

Note: If you’re new to dosing with edibles, patience is key. Try to take your dosage in one sitting and avoid ingesting any edibles within the two-hour window after you’ve consumed your initial dose. The last thing you’d want is to have unknowingly consumed an enormous amount of THC and end up greening out shortly after.

How Long Does The High Last?

While smoking cannabis typically results in a high that can last up to 6 hours, the edibles effect may last in excess of 12 hours. Sometimes even pouring over into the next day if large quantities are consumed. Given that it’s extremely easy to overdose on edibles, the effects may lead to a weed hangover that may extend as far as 24 hours after the initial consumption.

How Long Do Edibles Last – Final Thoughts

Hopefully, we’ve properly equipped you with the right information and tools to get you a basic understanding of THC and how the different methods of consumption may affect your high. It might be time to take your newly acquired knowledge and experiment with all the different options available. As always, consume responsibly and enjoy!

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