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Indica vs Sativa – Why Classification is Becoming Irrelevant

indica vs sativa

Ever wonder what the difference between an Indica vs Sativa strain is?  In the world of weed, there was once a time when there were two main genotypes to which people would gravitate. On one end of the spectrum, you had your Indica strains, the relaxing, more subdued experience. In contrast, on the other side, […]

Hash Oil – A Versatile Cannabis Extract

hash oil

Thanks to advancements in the cannabis industry, solvent-based cannabis extracts have risen to the top of the market, and today we can enjoy a potent cannabis product known as hash oil. With this new creation, one of the most pertinent questions from novice and experienced tokers is how to smoke hash oil. While the classic […]

How to Make Hash – Different Techniques

how to make hash

While there are many different weed-infused products available on the market today, such as edibles, tinctures and topicals, to name a few, hash has remained a classic staple in cannabis culture and for multiple good reasons.  In many ways, hash refines the best elements of weed, accentuating its highs without losing its core components.  Many […]