Your Friendly Neighbourhood Budtender – An Excellent Resource


The cannabis industry hasn’t been around for all that long, but it is growing at break-neck speeds, creating a vast assortment of new jobs, including one called a budtender. 

A hybrid between the words bud and bartender, a budtender is an essential part of each and every cannabis dispensary. 

That said, the two words bud and bartender aren’t just combined to sound nice. They actually share quite a few similarities with one another. Budtenders serve as the bedrock of information from which novice and experienced cannabis enthusiasts alike can draw from.

To learn more about what a budtender is and their role, read on. Today, we’re covering what it takes to be a budtender as well as the qualities that separate a good one from a bad one. 

Let’s get straight into it!

What is a Budtender?

 what is a budtender

If you’ve ever set foot in a reputable dispensary before, you probably noticed the friendly face behind the till. This person not only helps process the transaction but is also there to inform you about any cannabis products you might have questions about. 

That individual is the budtender.

In the cannabis industry, budtenders are usually the primary point of service. They are the ones who can provide information regarding the strain and cannabis products that their specific dispensary has to offer. 

A budtender works face-to-face with customers to facilitate the sale and provide education on the products they have in supply. For new customers, a budtender can make or break the experience, so ensuring that you’re working with a good one can make all the difference.

Although budtenders are not medically trained in the field of cannabis, they may hold extensive knowledge of medical marijuana through trial and error as well as personal experience. 

Ultimately, a budtender is there to give out sound advice and product recommendations depending on the specific customer’s needs. 

What do Budtenders Do?

The role of a budtender in the cannabis industry is mainly in customer service. Although their responsibilities may vary from time to time, they are the main service point for the dispensary. 

A typical day of being a budtender would be to tend to the customers’ needs, facilitate transactions, weigh the weed, and describe or inform customers about different cannabis products.

Other responsibilities may include bookkeeping, store upkeep, and market research as to what is currently trending and what is not.

What are the Requirements to Becoming a Budtender?

budtender requirements

As we just mentioned, budtenders don’t carry any form of medical training in regards to cannabis. However, they do have experience in customer service roles and cannabis itself. 

A budtender’s job is to combine the roles of a sales representative with that of a cannabis enthusiast. Someone who is personable and can identify their customer’s needs while also possessing an intuitive knowledge of cannabis and the different compounds within it.

Many dispensaries in Canada will consider someone for a budtender position if they have previous customer service experience and prior knowledge and experience with cannabis. 

If they can tell that the base knowledge is there, along with an eagerness to learn, they will likely provide the necessary job training to fill in any gaps. 

This educational background goes hand in hand with providing customers with the best cannabis shopping experience possible.

Signs of a Good Budtender

If you’re new to the world of weed and cannabis culture and are wondering what the signs of a good budtender are, then look no further. 

Here are some of the telltale signs of a quality budtender:


Simply put, a good budtender knows what they’re talking about. 

Although this can be hard to distinguish, especially if you lack the necessary information to determine what they are saying is true or not, a good budtender should be able to answer most of the questions you have about various cannabis products, indica and sativa strains and terpenes to name a few. 

Keep in mind that budtenders aren’t medically trained to prescribe cannabis or answer any medically related questions regarding it. Save that for your doctor.

A Keen Eye for Customer Needs

customer service

A good budtender won’t just try to sling you some random product. Instead, they’ll try to identify what it is you’re looking for and suggest the strain or product that can do you the most benefit. 

Not only that, but some budtenders will even go the extra mile to stay knowledgeable on current trends within the industry.


Keeping the dispensary organized is a quality that is synonymous with quality budtenders. 

All items should be labelled correctly, properly placed, and easy to view. 

Not only do good budtenders know about cannabis, but they also make sure that whatever is being presented is easily viewable and organized to the tee.


Being in a face-to-face role, budtenders are required to help out a variety of different people. Sometimes they will encounter first-time cannabis users, and other times they will meet seasoned veterans. 

Regardless of who they come across, it is their duty to ensure they facilitate a cordial environment for the customers.

Signs of a Bad Budtender

A good budtender will likely leave you with a warm feeling and enhance your experience. 

A bad budtender, on the other hand, may leave you feeling sour and unwelcomed. 

Some of the most telltale signs of a bad budtender are:

Spreading False Information

signs of a bad budtender

Budtenders are there as a resource just as well as they are there to help you purchase your weed. 

If your budtender can answer most of your questions truthfully but does not know the details of a few intricate questions, that is fine. However, if they do not know what they’re talking about and instead misinform you and recommend the wrong product, this could lead to a negative experience. 

For example, an incompetent budtender may recommend products that are far beyond the potency of what you can handle. Unfortunately, the only ways to counteract this are doing a tad bit of research yourself or by trial and error.

Sales Focused

While sales are part of the role, being a budtender isn’t all wrapped up in selling cannabis products. 

A budtender must properly inform customers about the products that may suit their needs and recommend them accordingly. 

A bad budtender will solely focus on slinging you some product without any concern for what you’re looking for.


The role of a budtender is a service-based one. 

Rudeness should not be tolerated and is generally frowned upon. A rude budtender is a good sign of a bad one.

Budtender -Your New Best Bud

Ultimately, budtenders are the face of the cannabis industry. 

They’re the main point of service in most dispensaries and have the duty to inform their customers about a variety of cannabis products. 

If you come across a bad budtender, or worse yet, a budtender who is high on the job, it’s important to spread awareness. Leave a review online, or speak to the manager of the store.

On the flip side, if you come across a good one, leave a positive review and praise them for their efforts. 

As always, happy toking!

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