Bubbler – The Ideal Smoking Compromise


What if we told you that there was something newer, more innovative, something that combined the greatest elements of the bongs and pipes, a bubbler. 

From your classic glass bongs to your standard dry pipe, the world of cannabis has spawned several different iconic paraphernalia on its culture. That said, smoking in itself is a highly customizable experience, with some users enjoying the smoothness of a vape and others the raw flavour of a blunt or joint.

For the longest time, both bongs and pipes were seen as the twin pillars of the cannabis community, offering tokers different personalized ways to enjoy their weed. However, the world has changed, and today we can enjoy a better version of these two, a bubbler. 

This innovative new gadget introduces a smooth and portable experience for those who enjoy a pipe’s portability and the smoothness of a bong. 

Are you intrigued to find out more about bubblers? Keep on reading to learn about bubblers and whether or not you should pick one up for yourself!

What is a Bubbler?

what is a bubbler

In terms of its operation, a bubbler is similar to a miniature bong. 

It is a portable water pipe with no detachable pieces used to smoke cannabis, bridging the gap between bong and pipe. 

Your typical bubbler will contain a fixed mouthpiece, a fixed bowl, a carb hole, as well as a water chamber designed around the stem and bowl. The bubbler’s water chamber helps to filter out the toxins from the cannabis smoke, giving users a better overall smoking experience compared to smoking joints or through a spoon pipe. 

Not to mention that your typical bubbler is handheld, also making it extremely portable and easy to conceal.

Despite its striking similarities to the classic bong, the bubbler has quite a few distinguishable traits that put it in its own space. 

When comparing a bubbler side by side to a bong, the first difference is immediately apparent: a bubbler is a lot smaller than a bong. Unlike your standard 12 inch tall bongs, a bubbler can come in anywhere between a 2.5-inch pocket-sized bubbler to a full length 7.5-inch ornamental bubbler.

Why Use A Bubbler?

As we have previously mentioned, a bubbler covers the gap between a bong and a pipe. 

Its handheld portability allows it to be easily taken around and concealed like a spoon pipe, and its water filtration gives it a smoothness usually only seen in bongs. 

While your standard bubbler will usually fit in most decently sized pockets as a pipe would, it is also important to note that it is more delicate than a pipe due to being made out of glass.

A bubbler is basically a portable bong with fewer moving pieces. For people who lead busy lifestyles or are constantly on the go, the portability of the bubbler can be a saving grace, coupled with the added smoothness from the water filtration, tokers have a portable water pipe that can fit in their pockets. 

Amazing, right?

A glass bubbler isn’t just a tool as well. Many people use their bubblers to decorate their homes. And yes, while they are designed to be taken around rather than laying on your shelves, many bubbler models are a feast for the eyes. 

You can commonly find bubblers taking on design inspirations from all sorts of different places. Whether you are more into more soft edges and rounded designs or more cutting edge and sharp lines, a solid set of bubblers can easily enhance the vibe of a room.

With the bubblers diversity in forms, you will be able to find an ideal mini bong that perfectly fits you. 

The Downside Of Bubblers

Bubblers add a ton of functionality and utility for smokers who are on the go, but with those benefits also come a few downsides. While these downsides are mostly subjective, they do play a role in the overall smoking experience. 

Thanks to its small size, bubblers are highly portable with no detachable pieces. What that translates to is a one-stop-shop glass water pipe that can’t be disassembled or taken apart.

For those who smoke often, maintenance is also a drawback to using a bubbler. Due to its singular nature, requiring no additional pieces, a bubbler can be a pain in the ass to clean. The lack of removable parts means that the bubbler areas can be hard to reach without cleaning tools. 

For those who enjoy a more lavish smoking experience, bubblers often share similar traits with a bong rig, with a few exceptions. For one, bubblers do not allow for any extra attachments to enhance the experience, which is highly prevalent in many bong setups. 

Bubblers may be great on the go option, but for a more dug-in smoking experience, bubblers lack the customizability that a bong setup has.

Bubbler Vs Bong – What’s Better For You?

bubbler Vs bong

The answer is it depends. Each piece of equipment suits a different purpose and performs upon a different set of criteria.

A good bong setup will rank among the top choice for social scenarios or smoking in large groups. Customizable accessories like an ash catcher, an extra percolator, or a custom made downstem allow regular bong setups to cater to the preferences of the smoker. 

In groups, the greater size of the bong means more water can be held, resulting in smoother hits and more fun for groups!

On the other side, for solo smokers, the combination of portability and water filtration gives the glass bubbler the upper hand. While the smoke may not be as buttery as a regular full-sized bong provides, a bubbler still surpasses the spoon pipe in terms of smoothness. 

Of course, the amount of water you put into a bubbler will depend on the size of the bubbler itself, but the rule of thumb is that the more water in the chamber, the smoother the smoke will be.

Long story short, bongs are a great option for group sessions and very particular smokers who enjoy the attention to detail. For those who like the idea of portability with mild water filtration, look no further than the bubbler.

Bubblers – The Best of Both Worlds

In a day and age where there is no shortage of options, it is essential to get to know the various cannabis products and their effects on your smoking experience. There are different types of bubblers out there, each with their accoutrements and adjustments to performance. 

Bubblers are incredibly portable and easy to conceal. They also provide tokers with a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience that is highly prevalent in many bongs. 

When you’re ready to take your hit, use a bubbler to create good bubbling action and enjoy weed in a new way.

Happy toking!

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