What Are Terpenes – Your Guide To Aromatic Compounds

What Are Terpenes

What are terpenes? – You’re likely familiar with the cannabinoids THC and CBD at this point, but how much do you know about terpenes. For those looking to get to the next level, learning about terpenes is essential cannabis knowledge. Specifically, learning about these compounds is likely the next most important factor after you get […]

Decarboxylation – Your Guide To The Basics


Decarboxylation is an essential process in activating the main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. If you ever tried to down a baggy of raw cannabis, it would probably produce little to no effect at all.  No matter how you choose to consume your cannabis, we must first decarboxylate our weed in order for us to experience […]

Terp Sauce – Why People Are Going Crazy For “Weed Sap”

terp sauce

Many of us may think infused cannabis concentrates are a recent discovery (terp sauce being undoubtedly one)— the truth of the matter is that they were used for thousands of years before becoming prohibited in the 1800s.  Regardless of how long they’ve been around, concentrates are now a staple of the cannabis industry, and a […]

What Is Rosin? Why You Need To Try This Concentrate


By now, we all know what cannabis and marijuana is – but does answering the question of “what is rosin” come quite as easily? The truth is we’re only just beginning to scratch the surface when it comes to cannabis consumption. Cannabis legalization has opened the door to decades of suppressed research and we are […]