AVB – Why You Should Keep Your Already Vaped Bud

already vaped bud

AVB – it’s not an acronym for a new class of car, but a descriptor for cannabis that’s already been decarboxylated. 

Already vaped bud, colloquially known as AVB, is, as the name suggests, bud that has already been vaped. If you’re big on vaping, then you might already know some of the handy dandy things you could do with this still potent flower, but did you know that you could also eat it, use it as a topping and/or even make edibles out of it?

If you’ve been saving up your AVB (or if you’re just now coming to realize the benefits of already vaped bud), stay tuned and we’ll break down why this byproduct of weed vaping is highly coveted by those in vaping circles!

AVB – What is Already Vape Bud?

AVB definition

AVB is bud that has already been vaped. An obvious yet much needed name to describe bud that has been previously smoked through a vaporizer. 

Compared to flower that has been smoked through a bong, joint or pipe, bud consumed through a flower vaporizer is not burnt or charred. While a majority of the THC will have already been used up, there’s still a lot of good cannabinoids within the already vaped bud that can still be consumed. 

If you’ve ever vaped cannabis flower before, you may be familiar with AVB, the end product of a successfully vaped nug. Unlike the ashy remains of a joint, AVB takes the form of a maple-tinted cannabis nug that is slightly brittle to the touch. Though most of its THC content will have already been depleted, there are still several valuable cannabinoids that can be salvaged from the bud and innovative ways to use this already vaped flower. 

A unique property of this already vaped bud is the fact that it has already been decarboxylated. If you’re up to snuff with your cannabis knowledge, you’ll know that in order to properly feel the effects of THC from cannabis flower, it has to be “activated” in a process that’s known as decarboxylation. Basically, decarboxylation makes the cannabinoids in flower more bioavailable to our bodies by heating it up and converting to be absorbed by us. 

Usually, this process happens through combustion (which is why we smoke joints and light up bowls and pipes) but the comparably gentle heat given off by a vaporizer is able to decarboxylate cannabis without burning it to a crisp.

When flower is done being vaped, you’re left with a dark brown, slightly crispy bud that’s still capable of getting you high. 

If you’re a frugal smoker or just want to experiment with AVB, here are some of the many ways you can use this already vaped bud. 

AVB – 6 Ways To Use It

Make Edibles

avb edibles

Surprised to see that you can make edibles with AVB? While it may not be the most intuitive idea, making edibles with already vaped bud is actually one of the most effective ways to use AVB. 

Recall our segment on decarboxylation earlier. The regular process of making edibles would require you to decarboxylate your cannabis before you can even start incorporating it into a recipe. Since AVB is already decarboxylated, you’re able to skip an entire step. 

Find your favorite edible recipe and when it comes time to decarboxylate your weed in the recipe, simply substitute your AVB and you’ll be good to go!

THC Capsules

Want to make your own ready-to-eat THC capsules without any cooking involved? Why not try your hand at making some DIY THC capsules? 

Unlike the ones you can get a dispensary, these won’t be filled with weed oil or a tincture. Instead, you’ll be able to fill them with your collection of AVB! They’re easy to make, easy to store and even easier to eat. 

To make your own capsules, all you have to do is find empty gelatin capsules and pack them with your AVB. Again, since already vaped bud is already decarboxylated, you’ll have no problem feeling the effects even without any combustion. They might take a bit longer to activate and you many need to eat more than one but nevertheless, they’re a great way to use up your collection of AVB! 

Eat It

Following up on the gel capsules, another way you could use AVB is to, well, eat it! 

You don’t have to eat your already vaped bud by the fistful (and we caution against it) but if you have a bowl of your favorite ice cream, you could sprinkle a handful of AVB on top to add a crunchy, weed infused topping to your dessert! 

Making some pasta? Sprinkle a bit on top as an infused garnish. Making a PB&J? Incorporate a bit of already vaped bud in your favorite jam or peanut butter spread and you’ll be flying in no time. 


already vaped bud tincture

If you have a lot of time on your hands and don’t mind waiting a few weeks for your final product, making a tincture out of your AVB is a great way to concentrate all of that potency in a smaller package. There are only 4 steps you need to take to make a tincture out of your AVB and you’ll be surprised at how simple and easy they are. 

How to make an AVB tincture

1: Grind your AVB finely

2: Mix your AVB and some high-proof alcohol in a glass container before sealing it

3: Shake and stir the contents daily for 2-3 weeks until the colour starts to darken.

4: Once infused, simply strain the contents through a fine mesh sieve or screen and you’ve have made an AVB THC tincture!

Coconut Oil

Cannabinoids are fat-soluble and with our decarboxylated cannabis, it’s easier than ever to make your own cannabutter or infused coconut oil at home.

Find your favorite fat of choice (we prefer coconut oil) and stir in your AVB. Stir to incorporate before simmering the mixture on low for 4-5 hours while stirring occasionally. Once the AVB has infused into the coconut oil, you can sieve the contents and pop it in the fridge for some homemade AVB coconut oil!

Smoke it again

avb smoke it

We’re not kidding, ABV can be safely smoked again in a joint, pipe or bong of your choice and still get you high. Sure, the flavor and overall potency might not be up there with fresh, unadulterated flower but if you’re dankrupt, ABV is a godsend. 

It’s certainly better than the alternative of scraping and smoking the resin and tar on your smoking paraphernalia. 

The Final Hit on AVB

Whether or not you vape flower frequently enough to have a stash of AVB ready to go or wondering what vapers do with their already vaped bud, we hope this article has helped to shed some light on an under-utilized byproduct of vaping. 

From eating it to cooking with it, AVB is a versatile ingredient that can be used in a variety of ways. The next time you vape your flower, consider saving it instead of tossing it in the trash – you’ll never know it might come in handy!

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